Time For Change

Hi and welcome to my quest for a functional wardrobe! My name is Jess and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I live with my husband (Mr Q) and my two daughters aged three years (Little Miss H) and 6 months (Tiny Miss P). Find out more about me here.

Since having kids I’ve been frustrated by how limited my wardrobe has become – many old clothes are either not appropriate for everyday casual wear, or don’t suit my current post-baby figure. Many items I’d really love to fit into again some day, but I’ve found it difficult to get motivated to work too hard on my figure when I’m not sure if I’m done having babies yet. Hence I found myself in real style rut, with my uniform of choice being some old jeans, a t-shirt and a maternity hoodie. Now I’m not saying that maternity hoodies DON’T have their place – but maybe, just maybe, 6 months after giving birth and having reached pre-pregnancy weight again it’s possible I could be doing better.

Me in my “uniform” on my 30th birthday

I don’t have a very large budget – my husband and I have “pocket money” of $20 per week, which is our guilt-free spending money. My new clothes are almost exclusively paid for with my pocket money – it doesn’t go very far and neither do I have the time to shop around too much to find the best bargain. So I need to make my purchases count, they need to be easy to wear and easy to match with other items in my wardrobe. So this is the start of my journey towards a wardrobe full of clothes that I like and that look nice together – wish me luck!


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