Day One

Let me just say upfront, in case you hadn’t already noticed, I am NOT a professional photographer. I’m just doing the best I can with my little happy-snaps camera – which is balancing on a bench, which is perched on top of a table. Hopefully I’ll improve over time, maybe one day I’ll buy a tripod, but for now this will have to do.

So where to start? Well, when I have no idea how to do something the first thing is to google it. This is how I stumbled across Audrey’s style blog called ‘Putting Me Together’ which features a fantastic series of articles here about building a remixable wardrobe. If my wardrobe quest was made into a movie, this moment would show me suddenly bathed in light from above with a chorus of joyous angelic voices in the background. I just really GOT where Audrey was coming from and totally understood her explanations. Previously superfluous objects such as necklaces, scarves and belts all of a sudden became meaningful and I realised I could probably be doing a lot more with what already existed in my wardrobe – no need to rush out to the shops in a panic just yet!

So this outfit today is part of my existing wardrobe, items I’ve had for between 2-7 years. I have worn the outfit on the left a number of times – the shoes were kind of like a mini-rebellion: “hey I’m wearing RED SHOES, so there”. But on reflection, that’s pretty lame and they really just look like they don’t belong. If the shoes were super awesome, maybe yes, but they are just super comfy which is not the same thing. So today I did something I would never have bothered to do previously – I added a red scarf and bracelet. I think by repeating the red accents the outfit was a lot more balanced, as well as making me feel less drab and washed out with all that black around my face. Win win!

In the future I will also try experimenting with belts to add structure. I’m not sure how easily that will fit with one of my current wardrobe restrictions, that is creating outfits that are easy to breastfeed in, but I think it could definitely be a useful concept to get my head around.


2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Jan

    Hey Jess, love how the belt and bracelet change this outfit entirely!!!! love it….have been working on making my wardrobe less drab and mumsie for a while now…I think I have successfully done the hair! bit haven’t had much luck on the clothes yet, I’m very interested in this…I may need to do it over time as I have a uniform but it looks really cool what you are doing!! great work I love It!! and your new ‘looks’


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