Spring Has Sprung

Hooray for the end of winter and the beginning of spring! There’s a strong blustery warm wind blowing today and I’m feeling cheerful in pink and polka dots.

As mentioned previously, my guilt-free spending money is limited to $20 per week. That’s not going to go very far purchasing new clothes, even assuming I allocate every last penny to my wardrobe (unlikely). But I have a little trick up my sleeve – I very selfishly requested members of my family to give me shopping money for my birthday. Add to this the pocket money I had saved up (I tend to not spend much when pregnant, it’s generally a pretty uninspiring time for me). And I have a few hundred dollars stashed away to make a good start.

This long sleeved top was my first purchase. I bought it online and I would be fibbing if I said the amount it was reduced by was not a significant factor… As a general rule I’m NOT a sucker for a bargain; my practical side is strong and reminds me it’s only a saving if you were going to buy it anyway. In this case though, I was kind of counting on the fact the original price was an indicator of better quality than I could otherwise afford.

I was a little disappointed when it arrived yesterday as the material was very thin, to the point I feel it needs a cami underneath (I only hope it keeps it shape well when washed). I didn’t particularly love how it sat on me either, but decided to make the best of it and started trawling through my wardrobe for ideas.

I settled on this combination which includes a belt and boots that haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time as well as a polka dot scarf my Mum gave me a few years ago which I loved but haven’t known what to wear it with. I got so excited about finally wearing this spotty scarf that I also added a little pearl bracelet. I wasn’t so sure about tucking this top in, I am not traditionally a “tucker”, but liked that the belt matched my boots. And I have resolved that I need to step outside my comfort zone at times in order to learn how to wear my clothes better.

Unsurprisingly, the top remained untucked after Tiny Miss P’s first feed of the day. I preferred the look of it untucked, although I think it needs jeans with a slimmer leg (duly added to my shopping list). A cardigan or vest would have been good for more interest, but it was a little warm and I had run out of inspiration anyway…

And do you know what? The top has grown on me, I think I might actually like it after all.

(Top: Sandwich $30)


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