What’s the best way to burst your way out of a boring-outfits rut? Electric blue pants! Sure, you might call them cobalt, but I think “electric” is closer to how excited these made me.

After a week or two of gathering information from numerous style blogs I compiled a moderate list items that would add some instant oomph to my existing (sad) collection. I was aiming for both impact and versatility. I was shopping with both little girls in tow, so I only had a small window of opportunity and chose to visit Big W. They have very affordable items and a reasonable range so I was sure I could get pretty far without blowing my entire savings. Quality is not amazing; however for the price it can be surprisingly good if you’re a bit selective on what you choose. I ended up walking out with 9 items for $148 which I was really pleased with – it had been a long time since I’d added so much to my wardrobe at one time.

Generally I wear pretty casual outfits as I spend my day running around after a baby and a three year old. Date Night is unfortunately more like Date-Once-A-Year (don’t get me wrong, Mr Q and I love doing things together and have Friday night games at home every week – but that doesn’t exactly call for makeup and heels). So on Sunday when I go to church it’s time to take it up a notch. This outfit is what I wore last Sunday and I was honestly so nervous heading out the door in these bright pants.

But you know what? I got a few lovely compliments, it was awesome to get some more use out of my old work blazer (it had never occurred to me to roll up the sleeves of a blazer before – thankyou blogland!) and by the end of the day I felt like I was OWNING those jeans. Oh and did I mention it was also the first time I have ever worn skinny jeans? Double brave on my part, and so worth it!

(Jeans: Emerson (Big W) $19)


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