A Slight Tweak

Today’s outfit was something I wear quite often on Sundays but with two small adjustments. For the first time I tucked my t-shirt into my skirt instead of awkwardly bunching and folding the bottom up. I had been firmly stuck in the mentality that tucking your shirt in was “uncool”, something I decided during my early teen years (yeah, I know it’s risky to be still following your own teenage advice into your thirties). I hadn’t realised until Audrey from Putting Me Together illustrated so clearly that sometimes tucking your top into a skirt can create a much better silhouette. Sold!

The second thing I did a little differently today was the addition of a skinny black belt around the top of my skirt. Belts have not had much place in my wardrobe, especially not ones that have no “functional” reason for being there. But I have now learnt that belts are great for changing the balance of an outfit, and in this case I quite like the way it softens the transition from skirt to top.

(I need to buy some more tops and skirts with interesting prints. Add it to the shopping list.)


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