I’m Blue

Today was one of those days when all the weather-appropriate outfits that I wanted to try involved articles of clothing currently lurking in the dirty washing basket. So that’s how I ended up all in navy – not so exciting unfortunately.

At least I got to try out my new owl necklace – this is the first time I’ve worn a necklace on a long chain. I think it worked well with this outfit and definitely added a bit of interest to an otherwise very plain ensemble. When I saw this necklace I was instantly won over; it was only once I had bought it that I started seeing owls everywhere and realised they must be “in” at the moment. I guess it’s not so unique after all, but I still feel like it absolutely belongs in my wardrobe.

P.S. Do you like the way I’ve matched my black shoes and incredibly white feet with the owl’s eyes?

P.P.S. Yeah, my jeans are too long. I’d take them up if I wasn’t so lazy or if they weren’t my last-resort-jeans.

(Necklace: Big W $15)


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