An Old Friend

Either my bedroom mirror is one of those flattering “skinny mirrors”, or I need to find a better angle on my camera. Every day when I upload my pictures onto my computer I feel sure I looked a bit slimmer in the mirror when I got dressed that morning.

Anyway, personal weight insecurities aside, I really like this cardigan. It’s served me VERY well over the years, and by years I’m talking twelve. Yes it has probably seen better days and it fits my mum-of-two figure a little differently to my teenager figure, but I still really like wearing it. Partly it is the knit which has worn fantastically without pilling, rather unexpectedly for me as it wasn’t very expensive to buy (I can never tell if a knit fabric is going to wear well or not, I’m not sure what the secret is but to me it seems mainly just luck).

Mostly I think it is the colour though. You can’t tell from these pictures but it is the perfect shade to bring out the blue in my eyes and my face just looks brighter and happier when I wear this colour. This in turn makes me FEEL brighter and happier.

So I guess it will remain in my cupboard awhile yet, until it completely falls apart or the exact same shade of teal comes back into the shops and I can find a suitable replacement.


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