Bright Blue Take 2

Today it was time for the bright blue jeans to make a repeat appearance, this time in a casual setting. I was hoping for something a bit more creative, but in the middle of a chaotic morning I was rendered incapable of thinking outside the square (not my forte at the best of times).

When I looked over my outfit it seemed a little too uniform with all that blue and black, so I wanted to add a little dash of extra colour. I would have liked to have introduced a touch of yellow but unfortunately I don’t have any in my wardrobe (something I plan to rectify shortly). Some people would use a handbag or purse to add a colour accent – that’s beyond me at the moment; I can barely keep my nappy bag restocked, let alone muck around with handbags.

Luckily I received a package in the mail yesterday which included a blue, white and aqua bubble bracelet I had bought as a birthday treat for myself. Not a very dramatic addition, but I gave myself points for trying!

(Bracelet: ILY Couture $35)


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