Life’s A Musical

Today’s outfit was something I had wanted to try last week, but alas my black jeans were in the wash. I haven’t worn this cardi for years and had meant to get rid of it, but just hadn’t quite gotten around to it yet. The scarf was a gift from my in-laws which after quite some time I still hadn’t worn.

I will freely admit that this is really not a colour combination I would have gone for previously, and I’m still not fully convinced that it’s a keeper. But after following style blogs in recent times I’ve seen a number of outfits that I would never have thought would work that somehow – well, they just do.

In my mind (excuse me while I digress a moment), it’s kind of like different styles of music. You can listen to a classical piece (maybe a Mozart symphony) and it can sound fantastic, with every note well thought-out and full of satisfying harmonies. Or maybe you could listen to some jazz (I’m thinking maybe Thelonious Monk). There are going to be discordant notes here and there, but instead of making you cringe it just adds a whole new level of interest.

I guess what I’m saying is that a lot of my outfits (navy, white, red, black) are a little bit Mozart. But today I thought I’d try some Monk.


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