Cafe Day

So my Mum is visiting at the moment and that means we all go out for a cafe breakfast. Yum! It’s not something we do very often on our budget, so we really enjoy it when we get the chance (it’s also great to have an extra helper to keep the two girls occupied).

I don’t usually wear button-up shirts for a casual outing, but I thought today was a pretty good excuse to give it a shot. Introducing my new $5 shirt – what a bargain! I’m quite pleased with how it fits too, just one of those super lucky finds where a marked-down item just happens to be in your size and fit you perfectly.

I also wore my new scarf which I recently purchased to complement my existing abundance of red/blue/white clothing, but to also introduce a new yellow accent. The yellow isn’t very obvious in the photos unfortunately, but I’m hoping a different outfit might allow it to stand out a bit more. I have also bought a yellow skinny belt, so I’ll try that with the scarf another day to see what it can do to help.

I have to say that I really enjoyed wearing this button-up shirt today, I felt comfortable whilst also feeling smartly dressed. Maybe I’ll do it more often – although ask me again after I see the ironing pile ok?

(Shirt: Emerson (Big W) $5, Scarf: Next $25)



2 thoughts on “Cafe Day

  1. Jess

    LOVE the scarf! And I like how you’ve not only bravely tucked in your shirt again, but folded the shirt cuffs over your cardi- cute!

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Yes, the folded shirt cuffs is also something I’ve only just started doing. I didn’t have much choice for this particular outfit – the cardi sleeves are 3/4 and the shirt long sleeved ;)


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