Spots and Frills

I really do rather like spots. I will also admit that I am unexpectedly fond of frills. Today I wore a spotty, frilly shirt – and loved it!

I don’t know how well you can see in the photo, but my shirt is a soft white with tiny black spots. I wore it with my trusty black pencil skirt, which has been a very useful part of my wardrobe for (would you believe it) 11 years! I have to say I’m pretty happy I can still fit into it – although I’m sure it did once sit on my hips rather than my waist.

Today I was again brave enough to tuck in my shirt. I still cannot believe how much of a difference this simple thing can make – here it makes the soft, floaty shirt appear to be more tailored which provides a lovely balance to the outfit. I have actually NEVER tucked anything into this skirt the whole time I have owned it, which means its cute little buckle trim has never seen the light of day – until today, the day I finally allowed my faithful skirt to shine!

On a different note I think this would have looked better with a slightly longer length cardi, but I wanted to add a bit of colour and wasn’t in the mood for red today. I guess in reality not many outfits are going to be absolutely perfect, the most important thing is to do as well as you can with the resources you’ve got, and to be happy with that. After all, creating outfits can be fun and it’s nice to put some effort in to making yourself look and feel good, but in the scheme of things clothes are just not worth getting too upset over.

(Shirt: Emerson (Big W) $19)


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