A Little Bit Of Sunshine

I mentioned previously how I had bought this scarf partly as a cheat’s way to introduce a touch of yellow into my wardrobe. I guess sometimes when you buy things online it’s difficult to tell from the picture how it will look in real life.

Today I tried out my new yellow belt, in case that could somehow magnify the teeny little spots of yellow. Not really, as it turns out. But I liked it anyway, definitely added some sunny brightness to my day – which incidentally needed all the sunniness it could get. (The day reached its pinnacle with me completely wrecking dinner by accidentally trying to thicken a sauce with bicarb soda instead of cornflour. “Why is it foaming up, that’s unusual” I absently noted to myself before the sudden realisation).

I did really like wearing this outfit though – perhaps my one success of the day. I’m completely loving this shirt – it is so comfortable and lightweight while still looking stylish, casual enough to wear at home but nice enough to go out in. And at $5 it’s already down to $2.50 per wear – looking like this may be my best-value purchase to date!

(Belt: Next, pack of two $13)


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