Washing Day

Today was washing day. Just like EVERY DAY is when you have a three-year-old and a baby. At least today had the decency to be sunny and warm! First casual skirt of the season for me. Please try not to be alarmed at the whiteness of my legs – that’s just how they are and they will not develop any colour over the warmer months. I try to consider myself as less ghostly-white and more Nicole-Kidman-white (let me keep this delusion a little longer if you don’t mind).

In honour of my first leg-baring, I have also given my new shoes a go. I think they’re pretty fun: stripes, colours, spots – what’s not to love? (A shout-out to my good friend Jess E who was going to take me shoe shopping before I bought these accidentally without her. Oops. I think she’s almost forgiven me.)

Also note my chilli earrings which my Aunty-in-law gave me last year. I tend to give these a whirl most chances I get, because I don’t want to appear ungrateful. And they are a little bit awesome.

On a separate note, should I be concerned that this morning Little Miss H asked me why I was wearing silly dress-ups today???

Peg bag, courtesy of my Nan, circa 2001

Is it tragic that I noticed my peg bag totally matched my outfit whilst hanging out the washing?

(Belt: Next, pack of two $13, Shoes: Laguna Quays Resort $45)


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