How cute are these buttons? If only I could take the credit for it…

This is one of those special breastfeeding tops, with the purple singlet built into the cardi. Because of that, I can’t really do much with it to change the look – part of the reason I haven’t shown it on the blog until now.  I originally bought it thinking it would be easier to breastfeed in (and it is fine), but I now know that it’s really no better than wearing any old regular top with any old regular cardi and maybe a singlet underneath to keep your tummy covered.

After months of mainly black and grey maternity clothes I was ready for something bright and exciting, but now I find myself stuck with a rather attention-grabbing top that always looks exactly the same every time I wear it. Plus the purple/blue colour doesn’t look quite right with any of my blue jeans so then I find myself wearing it with my black jeans time after time.

Because this top only likes to be worn with one other item in my wardrobe ie. black jeans, I have labelled it as “shy”. Shy? Well you probably haven’t heard about my latest clothing theory, as I only developed it this morning, but in case you’re intrigued you can read more here. Basically, I have now resolved to do what I can to make this top more versatile, more worthy of a place in a functional wardrobe. Not exactly sure how I’ll achieve that as yet, but I’ll keep you posted!


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