At the moment, I’d say my style kind of flicks between conservative (a lot of blue/white/black) and fun (bright colours). Today I felt like something different, something a little softer and more feminine. I really love wearing this t-shirt, it has some lovely texture and is so light and airy (I don’t love ironing it so much, we’ll just pretend it’s meant to be wrinkly shall we?).

I took the opportunity to wear a necklace I was given as a gift a few years ago. I don’t find many outfits where I feel it works well for me, so it’s nice to be able to use it again here. The necklace is more “pretty” than I’d normally wear for a casual outfit, but I think the belt/jeans/sandals balanced it out. I will admit: I took it off pretty much straight away after taking the photographs – it’s far too delicate for Tiny Miss P’s determined little grip!

A little later on in the day the weather cooled down a bit, so it was back to my trusty teal cardi. For a bit of a change, I “borrowed” a headband from Little Miss H. Yes, I totally raided my three-year-old’s wardrobe. (And I might do it again.)



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