You know those days where things just come together, everything clicks into place and you’re feeling super competent and in control? This was not one of those days.

From the moment I got up I felt like I was not quite able to catch up to where I should be. It was a warm and windy day which kind of threw me a bit as well. I wasn’t particularly happy with my outfit, but ran out of time to try and fix it any further. I don’t think it’s terrible, but just lacking some interest. Note to self: when there is a morning appointment to keep, pick out and TRY ON the outfit the night before – sometimes things don’t look as good in the mirror as in your imagination.

I was also running low on photographing time and the light is pretty bad in these pictures. Not that the light is usually great – I don’t have the luxury of picking a certain time of day that will be best for taking good pictures when running after two little ones. But I think there have certainly been better photos than these ones today, so sorry! Tomorrow is a new day, let’s try for better then.

Windy day!


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