Back On Track

Today I had a bit of a success, hooray! This top is one I’ve had for a few years now and while I always loved the colours and print it has never quite looked right on before (see below). Today I felt like it actually worked well for me, plus I loved how it was complemented by my electric blue jeans.


After following style blogs for a while now I realised that the tie sits at pretty much the exact place that would be most unflattering for me. It’s kind of between my natural waist and the top of my hips – either of these places would have been better options. So what I did today was PULL OUT THE TIE. Genius!

In all seriousness, it’s pretty amazing how much difference one simple adjustment can make. It was super easy to remove the tie – it wasn’t sewn in or anything, just slid straight out. Now I can wear this top in three new (and more flattering) ways: tucked in, left out (it has a nice A-line shape now), or belted at my natural waist. If you look up close you can see the casing where the tie is supposed to go, but it’s not that obvious with such a busy print. I’m looking forward to wearing it all of these ways as it heads towards summer; it’s lovely and floaty and cool in hot weather.

You can only see the casing if you look really closely

And now I have a bonus tie – I could do all sorts of things with it. Maybe. Although today I was a bit too chicken, maybe another time.

French-chic? Or just a little eccentric?


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