Pleats And Pearls

Pleats And Pearls - necklace

Pleats And Pearls - buckle detail on skirt

Well it’s been a month now since I started posting outfits on this blog, so my attention is being drawn to the items I haven’t worn at all so far. Some of these things are just waiting for the right weather, but for many of them I need to decide if they still have a place in my wardrobe. Today’s outfit consists of one item from each of these groups.

This denim skirt I have had for a long time. Maybe ten years? Maybe longer? It’s one of those rare pieces that I still love just as much after all this time, something that seems totally “me” and still suits my style now as much as then. I love the wash of the denim, the pleats, the buckle detail and the way it is so comfortable to wear. It really was just waiting around for the weather to warm up, and today was a gorgeous day.

The shirt is possibly even older than the skirt. Once upon a time it was a “for best” kind of shirt, then an office kind of shirt. It’s been a while since it was really fit for an office and has been sitting in my wardrobe unworn for years now. I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten rid of it earlier – maybe because it had served me well for a long time, or perhaps because I really like that particular shade of red. Today I wondered if it still belongs in my wardrobe and decided that yes, now that I have discovered that I love wearing button-up shirts casually I can definitely use it again.

So that’s how these two items ended up being seen together for the first time. And I really liked it. To keep it looking casual I left the back of the shirt untucked and I felt totally fine wearing this all day, even though I didn’t even leave the house. I added the pearls because I felt the outfit could do with some more texture, plus I quite like the juxtaposition of elegant pearls and casual denim. This one is definitely one I’m keen to wear again!


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