Fun And Games

As the working week draws to a close I’m preparing for a weekend of fun and games. Tonight we are having some friends over for dessert and games which is a great way to kick off the weekend. Tomorrow I’m taking my sister-in-law maternity clothes shopping (super-duper excited about my little girls getting their first cousin in a few of months), followed by catching up with my parents-in-law who have been overseas for five weeks. Saturday night is my best friend’s birthday party, which will be full of dessert fun.

The prospect of so much excitement has put me in a good mood; today is definitely a day for a cheerful outfit of red and purple! I really love how easy it is to add a little boost of colour with a belt. How did I not know this before? Especially now I’ve realised that my shape is generally more flattered by tucking tops in, so belts have become a great accessory for me to experiment with. I think I need more belts – many, many more. I was in fact considering my yellow belt today instead of the red, but decided that might have tipped the outfit from “cheerful” to “overly enthusiastic”.

So as the afternoon winds up dinner is prepared, the house is clean, I’ve made chocolate mousse, brandy snaps and choc-raspberry-coconut slice. I’m ready now, let the fun begin!




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