Blue And Green

Sometime in my childhood I remember hearing that “blue and green should never be seen”. I don’t know that I’ve ever considered this ‘rule’ to be worthy of consideration, but all the same I certainly wouldn’t have expected to pair this a navy and green top with bright blue pants!

I bought this top a few weeks ago and have been somewhat stumped as to what to do with it. I’ve ordered a green skirt online that I’m hoping will work well with it, but it’s against my (new) wardrobe principles to have items that only work in one specific outfit! So my mission was to find another way to wear it. While brainstorming I held it up against my electric blue jeans, more out of curiosity than anything else, and was surprised to see that it wasn’t actually to bad.

For this outfit I used black to soften the effect of having bright blue/navy/green being thrown together, in particular the belt stops the top and jeans from fighting against each other where they meet. I think it works pretty well and I’m now starting to wonder what other possibilities are lurking in my wardrobe if I just look hard enough!

(Blue/green flamingo top: Emerson (Big W) $19)


2 thoughts on “Blue And Green

  1. shopandtwirl

    That top is so cute, I love the little flamingos! I think it works great with the blue pants and the blazer really ties the whole look together. Very stylish! Love it!


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