Twice As Nice

Saturday was a busy day, we were out from morning until quite late in the evening – it’s astounding how much gear you need to cram into the car for a day of activities with two little ones. First stop was to hit the shops and help my sister-in-law pick out an outfit to wear to a wedding when she will be 8 months pregnant. After that it was up to see my parents-in-law who live across the other side of the city – after five weeks abroad they were pretty keen to catch up with the grandchildren (and us of course). Finally we arrived at my friend’s 30th birthday party where we put the girls to bed and crossed our fingers they would let us enjoy the evening. And they did!

I needed to put together an outfit to take me through the whole day. I went with my trusty navy shirt and teal cardi as a base. For shopping I needed something comfortable, so went with flat shoes and a yellow belt for some cheery brightness. The party was pretty informal but I did want to make a little bit of an effort, so in the evening I swapped the flats for heels, added a statement necklace, and swapped my yellow belt for a plain black one (so as not to distract from the necklace). Some minor changes easily made in the car park, and I was ready to go!

I’ve been waiting for an occasion to get this necklace out – this was one I treated myself to for my birthday. I first saw this necklace here at Kendi Everyday, and I guess you could consider this my first ever “inspiration photo” for an outfit. I hadn’t considered statement necklaces as an option for me before, but I thought a white necklace could be very versatile. And the nerdy part of me thought this one looked a bit like a fractal – which is what really tipped the balance for me. It wasn’t until after I bought it that I started seeing on blogs everywhere – I was a little sad that it was far from unique, but at least I haven’t seen it around so much in Australia. And I still think it looks a bit like a fractal :)

(Necklace: ILY Couture $49)



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