Shouldn’t It Be Obvious?

Two weeks ago I complained about how I could only seem to make this purple and red all-in-one top work in one outfit – with black jeans. It became a challenge for me at that point, to expand the ways I could wear it so it would be closer to belonging in a functional wardrobe. As I explained previously, it’s a little trickier to remix as it is a purpose-made breastfeeding top and the purple singlet is actually stitched into the cardi.

Of course I could have always put it with blue denim and most likely nobody would blink an eye, but I wasn’t totally happy with that look. The main problem for me was that my various washes of blue jeans just didn’t seem to look good against the bright blueish-purple of the inbuilt singlet. The answer I found today was to add a belt to break the two colours up. Should have been obvious to me, after all I’ve been doing that quite a bit since I started this blog!

In a stroke of luck, my current favourite yellow belt happens to nicely match the yellow button on the cardi trim. I also think that tucking the singlet into the belt flatters my shape a little more (see below for a comparison photo). It’s a little tricky as I can only just barely tuck the centre of the singlet in otherwise the sides of the cardi bunch up strangely, but it is possible. I still don’t think the jeans are amazing against this top, but it no longer makes me cringe.

No it’s not remixing genius, but yes it does make my wardrobe that little bit more functional. I’ll take what I can get!


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