Unpack Your Trunk

Yesterday I received a parcel of items I had ordered from Modcloth and this morning I was so excited to try out this super cute elephant scarf. I can’t say I would have ever thought to pair this aqua top with a red cardi, but this scarf really pulls it all together. And did I mention how cute the scarf is?

(You can always tell when I’m a bit excited by something new, because I get a little carried away with the photos)

(Scarf: Modcloth $10)

This red cardi has really been so useful – I’ve already worn it five times on this blog, with a different colour each time. Previously I would have been scared to pair it with anything other than white or black, so I absolutely appreciate how much more adventurous I’ve become in such a short time.

Orange tee

Navy shirt

White spotty shirt

Purple tee


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