Just when I thought I was getting somewhere. Outfit flop. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely seen/done worse, but I was not happy with what I was wearing today. At the risk of pointing fingers – it was all the cardigan’s fault!

The cardi is a nice colour – a bit brighter than it looks in these photos, you might call it royal blue. The knit is cosy without being too bulky. It has an interesting cut, including a slightly flared section at the back I could pretend was a nod to the current peplum trend (it’s a long shot, I know). So what’s wrong with it then? It just won’t sit right.

In the end I decided it’s just too big for me, in particular the shoulders are too broad and keep slipping down. I tried belting it and pinning it with a brooch, but to no avail. The conclusion: this cardi does not belong in my wardrobe any more, it has become the first casualty on my quest for a functional wardrobe. Goodbye cardi – I’d love to say you’ve served me well, but in fact you’ve never felt quite right. I hope you’ll be happier with your new owner, whoever that may be.

Trying to adjust my cardigan for the fifty-third time


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