Toned Down Epiphany

Today I was going to wear my trusty navy shirt again, but somehow I wound up wearing this instead. It’s a toned-down version of what I wore to my 30th birthday party, which was when I had the epiphany that led to me starting up this blog.

I’ve used the same colours, but swapping the hot pink tights for black jeans makes a very big difference! I chose a purple/black necklace instead of my blue/green one to create a harmonious base with my tshirt and jeans. I couldn’t help but keep the cute headbands in though (thank you Little Miss H for letting me borrow them again), which adds some cuteness and a slight touch of pink. I probably should have gone for either the necklace OR headbands, rather than both. But I couldn’t decide between them today and surely I’m allowed to break my own rules occasionally?

I no longer feel conspicuous combining colours like this. Makes me wonder if by next year I’ll be wearing my 30th birthday outfit for real???

Not the best comparison pictures in the world, but hopefully gives you some idea. Try to imagine the teal cardigan over my purple dress – unfortunately I didn’t get a photograph of the complete outfit.


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