Two’s Company

New skirt day! I really did enjoy wearing this skirt today, such a satisfying green colour. Although as my best friend kindly pointed out, it’s the same green as those reusable shopping bags. Let’s not call it “shopping bag green” though, maybe “environmentally conscious green”? Or better yet, just green.

I did what I always do when trying out a new colour – paired it with safe black and white. I am however looking forward to experimenting with this skirt to see how versatile it can be. I will definitely try it with a belt instead of the bow at some stage, although the bow is pretty cute. And can I just say I’m rather proud of myself for managing to tie a half decent bow – it’s not perfect, but it’s probably the best I’ve ever done! Shout-out to Modcloth for posting a tutorial that was a great help.

Apart from the skirt and the particular shade of green, I have something else new going on in this outfit. I am wearing more than one bracelet – breaking ground here people! I tried them both on separately, but decided (unexpectedly) that it looked better with them both together. Ok, so I know it probably doesn’t qualify as an arm “party”, but there’s two – surely that could be a nice date, or a coffee-catchup???

(Skirt: Modcloth $35)


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