Reflect: September

Today I’m looking back over September’s posts, to appreciate what worked and to learn from what didn’t. (AKA my entire household is sick except for myself – so far – and I’ve had limited amounts of very broken sleep the last three nights. It’s possible that I’ve had a temporary relapse into my old hoodies.)

Favourite Outfits
The great news for me is that when I sorted through the pictures from my first blogging month into “yes”, “no” and “maybe” piles, the “yes” pile was by far the largest! I culled the list down to my top five.

The biggest surprise was despite having purchased quite a few new items during September, the majority of my favourite outfits were made entirely of my existing wardrobe.

I’m wearing new shoes here, but other than that it’s all old stuff. I felt stylish and comfortable wearing this outfit and the majority of items I just hadn’t been wearing at all. An old work blazer – given a more casual feel by rolling the sleeves, an unloved black belt, a lovely scarf given to me by Mum that I just didn’t know what to do with, a white tshirt that had never looked great untucked. There’s something so good about making a new outfit with old, forgotten clothing!
Sorry that the photo is a bit washed out – I’m still trying to work out my camera and didn’t realise until later I had the wrong setting. I don’t have fancy equipment, but I’m trying to do the best with what I have.

This outfit was so comfortable – I’ve always loved this top and I really like how it sits with the front tucked in. It was nice to wear a dainty necklace for a change, and with casual jeans and belt it still felt right for me to wear.

Red and pink together, didn’t see this one coming! It’s quite a simple look, but I just really like how the colours work together. I’ve worn the jumper by itself with blue or black jeans many times before, but adding the scarf makes it much more interesting.
This is perhaps an odd inclusion in my list of favourites given that I don’t actually love it that much on me, and am not sure if I’ll even wear it again.

What I’m celebrating with this one is a shift of thinking, where I started to understand how you can make an outfit with colours that don’t “match” in a conventional sense.

A few new items in this outfit, each representing something new I’ve tried and loved – button down shirts for casual wear, brightly coloured cardigans, scarves. I love the way it comes together, so comfortable yet neat and stylish.

Least Favourite Outfits

Well this is awkward, posting a bunch of pictures of myself that I don’t like. Please don’t hold these against me! Hopefully as I get more used to putting together outfits these “least favourites” will become less cringe-worthy.

Well this was one of the very first outfits I tried to put together. The main issue for me is the top doesn’t look very flattering tucked in. I did try this one again here – it’s better, but I still don’t love it. I’ve certainly learnt a lesson about the risks of purchasing clothes online without a returns facility!
Obvious fail here, which I fully knew at the time. Ran out of time and inspiration, was left looking frumpy and uninteresting. I’ve since learnt that I could easily belt this cardi to give it more shape and distract from the tummy (or maybe I’d just eaten too much chocolate the night before – a distinct possibility).
It’s ok, but not particularly great. The white tshirt is a bit shapeless – I think it would be instantly improved by tucking it into my jeans. Maybe lacking a bit of interest as well, perhaps a different necklace or a scarf might have been better.
When I see this picture it brings back the stress of getting ready to leave the house on time and not being able to get it together. Including the outfit. Not hideous, but the balance isn’t right. Perhaps a more fitted top would have worked better with this skirt? It also needs something to add interest – a patterned top or a necklace or a belt. Next time I wear this skirt or tshirt I’m going to make sure I give myself some thinking time!

Honourable Mentions

Just so I don’t end this post on a bad note!

And that was September 2012, the start of my quest for a functional wardrobe. Pretty happy with how it’s been going so far  :)


2 thoughts on “Reflect: September

  1. Megan

    Your honourable mention outfits are actually my favorites! :) It’s awesome that you put together outfits mainly from items you already owned; I love finding ways to rework what I have into something brand new and fresh. Great recap of September!

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Yes I would agree that some of the honourable mention outfits (and some that didn’t even make this post) I like the look of more. I guess for me personally, the ones I’ve chosen as favourites are ones where I feel like I’ve taken a step forward in learning what to do with my clothes :)


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