Couldn’t Drop It


Some days an outfit just comes together easily and I love it – yesterday was one of those days. Other days I struggle, changing bits here and there before settling on something that I don’t love so much – yep, today was one of those unfortunate days.

I still think this outfit has potential, but don’t think I pulled it off well. Where I came unstuck was getting carried away with one minor part of the look, refusing to budge on that one thing. That one thing today was my necklace. At some part of the “should I add this or subtract that” process I thought it would be good to add a necklace – I decided maybe silver like my belt buckle would work, but all of my silver necklaces were a bit short to look right. That’s when I had the brainwave to join all my silver necklaces together to make one enormous silver string I could then loop around a few times.

Realistically the necklace made me feel too dressed-up for just hanging around the house so then I changed my shoes to make it more casual and it went downhill from there . You get the picture – I thought I was a bit clever and couldn’t bear to save it for another day. Hey, at least I’m not in denial!

I’m not convinced that I’ve created an awesome necklace after all that – but I’ll give myself a point for thinking outside the box. And another point for learning the lesson – if something isn’t working, for goodness sake leave it out!


2 thoughts on “Couldn’t Drop It

  1. Robyn (@slightly_deep)

    I don’t think it is that bad… but I get what you mean, it doesn’t quite work together. I love the necklace though! And I love your site- it is so interesting! I too struggle with the ‘what do I wear?’ thing all of the time! You’ve got some great advice here!

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Thanks! I’m getting better at putting together outfits from my existing clothes, but as with anything new some times are easier than others. If what I’m learning can be useful to somebody else then that’s fantastic :)


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