Expect The Best

Today in the queue at the supermarket a lady commented to me: “bright clothes”, to which I replied “thankyou!”. And then realised that I couldn’t be sure if it was meant as a compliment or not, so awkwardly added something about how I liked to dress in bright cheerful colours.

There’s a few things I could take out of this – maybe I looked like I belonged in a children’s cartoon, or perhaps today I just didn’t blend into the crowd. I’d like to dwell more on the fact that I immediately assumed it was a compliment (her tone of voice was fairly neutral, more an observation of fact). I guess when you like what you’re wearing you can expect that maybe others might too!

When I first bought these bright blue jeans I kind of thought I might end up only wearing white or black with them, but they’ve been more versatile than I had expected. I hadn’t thought I’d be able to wear navy with them, but I really like the look here with some red accents. I’m starting to think my joking aside to a friend “what WOULDN’T I wear them with?” may actually have been a prophecy.

Not entirely convinced about my first attempt at the “cropped jeans” look though. I think it’s great for the warmer spring weather, but am a bit worried my legs look a bit stumpy. Maybe it only works with heels, or perhaps I’ve gone for the wrong height. I swear it looked better in the mirror than on film – is that denial or poor photography skills I wonder?

I think it looks best with limited to two splashes of red, so if I was going to wear the cardi all day I’d probably ditch the necklace


2 thoughts on “Expect The Best

  1. Robyn (@slightly_deep)

    This, I love!! And those legs do not look stumpy in any way! Cropped skinnies can make you think that sometimes- but I think your legs look great- and I like the splash of red! I love colours too. I realised my wardrobe has far too much black and have been slowly adding colour- I even got some purple skinnies the other day :)

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Thanks :) fell into the trap of too much boring black/grey since being pregnant with my eldest – ever noticed how so much maternity wear is black or grey? I’ve been loving getting back into the colour these last few weeks, and your purple skinnies sound awesome!


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