Crop It

Yesterday I tried cropped pants, today it’s a cropped jacket. I’ve had this jacket for years but only worn it once with a red and white dress to a wedding. I didn’t think it really went with anything else I had, although truth be told I probably didn’t try that hard as I didn’t love it.

So what has changed? For a start, I’ve decided that pink and red go together. You are certainly welcome to have different thoughts on the matter, but as you may have noticed I’m getting more adventurous with my colour matching. This means that I’ll probably decide that this red jacket goes with many, many other tops in my wardrobe (if I want it to – still not sure if I’ll keep it).

The second thing is that I’m slowly getting better at creating balance in an outfit – not amazing, but definitely better. More often these days when something doesn’t look quite right I’ll have some ideas of how I can try and fix it. Having said that, I wouldn’t say this outfit is exactly what I’d like it to be, BUT – I can tell you I like this outfit better with my top tucked in. I tried it untucked and it made my torso look weirdly long. Sigh, yes I knew you’d want to see what that looked like. (And you know what, quite possibly a portion of you will prefer that look. That’s all part of everybody making their own style choices!)


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