Casualty #2



Today I was on a mission to find out if this black and red skirt belongs in my functional wardrobe. Same old story here – it hasn’t been worn for many years, I used to wear it to work, it’s no longer nice enough for an office (even if I worked in one). If I could use it for casual outfits then it could stop just hanging around wasting space.

Previously I have only paired this skirt with (a) a red button-down shirt, (b) a bright pink button-down shirt (the print on the skirt is a pinkish-red), (c) a nice black top. With this skirt, these particular tops make the outfit seem like it’s trying to be too dressy for just hanging around the house. Unfortunately I don’t own a red, bright pink or black casual t-shirt, so that’s the easy options ruled out. Don’t get me wrong, such tops would be more than welcome in my wardrobe, but having to buy new tops to wear an existing item goes against what I’m trying to do here.

So, scraping the bottom of the barrel, I tried an orange top. I don’t think it’s too bad with the red cardi over it, although I don’t like how this outfit backed me into a corner regarding shoes. I think the black flats only highlight that this is an ex-office skirt, but none of my others would work. Alas, without the red cardi I think it loses context and the outfit just looks what it is – old, tired, faded.

Yes I could wear this skirt with a white top if I wanted to. I could always try a coral-pink top. But by this stage I realise that I don’t really like this skirt any more and it’s time to say goodbye. So here we have the second casualty on my quest for a functional wardrobe – I guess that means I’m going to have to buy a brand new skirt to replace this one!


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