It’s Been A While

Today I wore a dress and was a teensy bit excited about it. It’s been more than eight months since I’ve worn one, you see. I’m a big fan of dresses, particularly summer ones, but unfortunately none of my existing ones are compatible with my current restriction of breastfeeding Tiny Miss P. So I bought a new one! This one is a lovely blue colour and surprisingly comfortable to wear. Doesn’t behave itself when there’s a moderate breeze blowing though; I had one of those awkward situations when carrying a baby with one hand and pushing a pram loaded with bags in another, skirt whipping around wildly and just hoping I wasn’t flashing people as much as it felt like I might have been.

The other slightly alarming moment was when Mr Q said “you don’t look like an airline hostess”. Ummm, I didn’t think so either, but why did you bring that up out of nowhere? Did you really mean that I initially reminded you of an airline hostess, but then you realised upon closer inspection that there wasn’t much resemblance after all?

Despite all this, I loved wearing this cheery outfit and received a lovely bunch of compliments from various people which is always nice. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing this dress again!

(Dress: Modcloth $35)


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