Purple And Green

Last time I wore this white skirt I wasn’t very happy with the result – today was a lovely warm day, so it was time to make amends. Because it tends to flare out a fair bit (when I bought it there were pristine pleats down the length of the skirt – one wash brought that crashing down and there is NO WAY I’m that dedicated to ironing) I’ve decided it needs a more fitted top to balance it out.

I’d like to try a wide leather belt with this skirt, but as I don’t own one (yet) I had to get a little creative. Today I used the tie from my new green skirt, which I think looks nice against the white. I couldn’t get a nice bow happening, so I opted for a simple knot. Which I actually think works well in this case; I think a bow on top of the necklace would have made it feel a bit too girly for me.

I think I’ve still got more work ahead to really get my head around what to do with this particular skirt. I’m not excessively excited about this outfit, but all the same I think it’s interesting and fun, and I’d certainly be happy to wear it again.


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