I know my photo backgrounds are pretty average at the best of times, but this time it seems I’ve excelled myself – green top in front of green foliage. Nice camouflage. Anyway.

Speaking of hiding things, today was about hiding a bigger-than-usual muffin top. You see I’ve FINALLY gotten around to buying some new jeans (thank goodness), and today was day one of wearing them in. The sales lady was super helpful and spent a lot of time picking out the right jeans for me and even had the grace to laugh when Little Miss P pointed out that she had a nail on her face (it was a lip stud). She stressed that the jeans will give at least half a size when worn for a while so I needed to start with super-tight jeans.

So yes, my jeans were super-tight around my tummy today. You know how it works, it has to go somewhere. This top was my best friend today!

I just realised that I should have included a close-up of the print on my top as it’s pretty cute. So here’s one from last time I wore it:

(Jeans: Jeanswest, 2 for $109)



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