Today my faith has been restored in this white skirt. So far I’ve struggled to find things to pair with it, but today for the first time I found a top that looks better with my white skirt than my beloved denim pleated one.

I quite liked this outfit today, it felt fresh and summery and entirely appropriate for the hot day that it was. In fact I should really have driven to the seaside to take pictures today, with my nautical stripes and white skirt. Instead of hanging out at the shopping centre buying cheap bedroom lamps and losing Little Miss H’s expensive drink bottle. Sigh.

(Striped tank: Emerson (Big W) $10)


4 thoughts on “Nautical

  1. robomum

    Really enjoy your blog. Have checked it out from time to time but have just set-up to start following it. I share your Quest for Function, so I look forward to your posts.

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Thanks Grace! I’ve been looking for a striped top for a while that isn’t too fitted – post-baby tummy and all that… I think this one will get quite a bit of wear this summer :)


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