Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Today I joined in the style dare from Fox In Flats – to spend the entire day in an outfit inspired by Audrey Hepburn in the iconic opening scenes from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Let’s just say I was outside my comfort zone here! Even though I wore a casual black maxi dress, the addition of pearls to the floor length skirt made me feel so thoroughly overdressed, like I was on my way to a ball or something.

The funny thing was I only got one comment on my clothing the whole day, and even then it was a passing polite compliment at the very end of the evening. I’m sure many people would have thought I was a little more dressed up than necessary, or at the very least a little quirky. So what I learnt today was that you can get away with much more than you think you can when it comes to your outfit – particularly if you are overdressed!

I can definitely credit this dare with giving me the extra push to buy this maxi dress yesterday – I didn’t have a LBD that currently fits me (and that I could breastfeed in). I’m looking forward to styling this dress in different ways over the summer months and then into the cooler weather beyond that.

And you can’t call me chicken  ;)

(Dress: Jeanswest $70)


8 thoughts on “Breakfast At Tiffany’s

  1. Andrea (@FoxInFlats)

    You look fantastic! And what a great learning. I often wonder that we’re gadding about feeling self conscious, yet noone’s really all that bothered wither way – and so we miss out on trying fun stuff! I’m doing it tomorrow – can’t wait! thanks for joining in xA

  2. Jess

    I like it! You’re very brave, and I’m proud of you :)
    PS. Jeanswest have the best maxi dresses. All my faves are from there :)


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