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Close Enough

Close Enough (1)

Close Enough (2)

Close Enough (3)

I’ve worn this skirt before, but usually for a slightly more dressed-up look and generally with a purple top (or once with a coral one). I haven’t been perfectly satisfied with the outfits created with this skirt of late, so I thought perhaps I should try wearing it in a casual outfit instead. And with something other than a purple top.

I picked up this aqua top and held it against the skirt. Something inside me squirmed seeing the aqua against the mint in the skirt. But then I decided to give it a chance, and by the time I’d added a belt to the skirt I thought maybe it was sort of ok after all. Nobody else was likely to look as closely as me, or care half as much. I think it’s good to accept a bit of “close enough” now and then; my experience is that this opens my eyes to more possibilities for future outfits which is great. The more use I can get out of my existing clothes the better!


Hot Day

Remember how I was complaining the other day about being disappointed in how cool the weather has been lately? Well turns out the weather heard me and went overboard proving that it could, in fact, be quite hot. Today was H.O.T.

It’s going to be a hot night as well, and it’s not looking like the girls are going to sleep easily. I guess it’s just as much a shock to their system, in fact probably more so as I’d say Tiny Miss P has not ever experienced this heat in her beautiful little life so far.

For me, I can’t really beat white for a hot day. It somehow makes me feel cooler. Not sure if this is a physical property of the white fabric or just a delusion, but either way I’ll take it!

Orange Tee

Today my outfit used the same colours as last Sunday’s (red, orange, pink and blue), however the result is quite different. For a start this time around the base is orange rather than blue, and this is a very casual look.

I have concluded that it’s time to add an orange tee to my shopping list. This one is very sad and faded and worn – in fact I may possibly have retrieved it from the “gym clothes” pile. As this is the third time I’ve worn it on this blog (and now that it’s too hot to hide most of it under layers), obviously I want to wear orange from time to time so it will be a worthwhile investment. Now I just need to find some energy to brave the shops at this frantic time of year. Easier said than done!

Blue And White

I’m really pleased with these sandals – they are just there doing their thing, covering my foot, not begging for attention or competing with the rest of the outfit. I also wonder if the nude shoes serve to slightly soften the contrast of the white top against the blue jeans? Maybe I’m just imagining that.

In any case, even though these aren’t my dream sandals they are still nicely filling the role I had in mind for them!

(Wow it’s a bad spelling day for me – lucky I read over it before posting that I was “imaging” my shoes “severing”… Hopefully I found all the errors!)


I was a little worried that there weren’t going to be any good pictures today – I wasn’t very far into shooting when Little Miss H fell out of the sandpit and I had to run to her rescue. She was fine (three jellybeans later), but by that stage I was covered in sand and tears and thought I’d call it a day. And luckily I happened to have a couple of pictures that were ok, so all’s well that ends well.