Back In Jeans

After a couple of days of hot summery weather it was back to cold windy spring. And I was back in jeans – I cannot lie, it was a relief after yesterday’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s dare! Not that I regret doing it, but my comfort zone is, well, comfortable.

I’m not quite sure what look I was going for today – it seemed like a passable idea this morning, but going through the photos it seems a slightly odd combination. I think I’m struggling to find good ways to style this scarf, and while I think it is cute tied in a bow it would perhaps suit a different outfit better. Maybe with a collared shirt, or a simple tee and flared skirt.

Since I’m publishing this outfit publicly on the internet, I guess the best approach to keep my dignity is to pretend it’s exactly what I was going for and that I’m a bit cool and quirky with a well-developed sense of my own style  ;)

And on the off-chance you don’t believe that, I will add a statement that is absolutely sincere: I’m proud that I managed to tie a half-decent bow today. (And I still love this elephant scarf.)



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