Musical Trampolines

Today the girls and I had a playdate at what is probably the best playground I have ever seen. It was seriously full of awesomeness. Including: a mooing life-size cow statue with digestion issues, a mini mountain with toddler-friendly slides running down, a birds-nest swing that fits multiple kids on at once, and a music hut with mini trampolines that sound like accordions when you jump on them.

The next best thing to being a kid at a fantastic playground is watching your own kids at a fantastic playground :)

(For anybody who lives in Melbourne, do yourself a favour and check out Bicentennial Park in Chelsea. So much fun.)


2 thoughts on “Musical Trampolines

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Yes it’s lovely watching my eldest developing friendships and overcoming her fear of slides :)
      Can’t wait to see what Tiny Miss P gets up to when she’s mobile!


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