Family Celebration

Today was Mr Q’s birthday and we had a fun family outing to celebrate. We went to one of our favourite cafes for brunch, which was deeeelicious. To make it more of an occasion we took the train instead of driving – the first time on a train for both the girls. The weather was beautiful and it was just a nice relaxing day.

It’s the first time we’ve had a birthday celebration with just our little family, rather than with Mr Q’s parents, sisters and brothers-in-law. While it’s great catching up with everybody, it’s also nice to feel like we can make a proper little occasion by ourselves now we are a family of four :)

This is the second outing for this vest in recent weeks – I do really love wearing it, makes me feel instantly stylish. And I’m amazed how much I like wearing this old denim jacket that has been neglected for many, many years – all it took was the realisation that I can roll up the sleeves to create an interesting casual look. Thank you style blogs!


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