Hoo’s The Cutest

The pyjamas Little Miss H is wearing tonight are also owl-themed (coincidence, I swear!) and bear the tagline “Hoo’s The Cutest”. So it was in my head when I had to give this post a name, I’m not trying to talk myself up as cute! Slightly mad – perhaps. See photo below if you need proof.

This top has waited patiently in my wardrobe for the weather to warm up, and today was the day! Nobody made any comment, so possibly I’m the only one that thinks this top is awesome. But if I think it’s super-awesome, that makes up for everybody else doesn’t it?

Previously I would never have bought this top as it’s quite sheer, but now I realise you just wear a singlet underneath and it’s fine. It’s probably not my favourite style of top, but sometimes you have to mix things up a bit. And cute owls that are also brightly coloured? How could I say no.

On the off-chance that the old me HAD bought this top, she definitely would not have paired it with cobalt jeans and pink shoes. There would have been some “safe” black in there for sure. But I’m determined to wear these shoes every chance I get and this outfit was so much fun to wear :)

How could I resist a little twirl in this top?

(Top: Modcloth $45)


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