Spots, Spots, Spots

I bought this pink and white polka-dot skirt a while ago, but had not gotten around to wearing it before today. I decided early on when working towards a functional wardrobe that I wanted to get some more skirts with prints, and thought this matched the description nicely. It’s been harder to work into outfits than I had anticipated, however, and now I think a pattern with more than just two colours would probably be more useful to me.

Today I was determined to wear it, but try as I might I couldn’t seem to come up with anything other than what I’ve got here – plain white t-shirt and pink/white shoes. I was worried it would look too “matchy”, but nothing else seemed to work and I figured that wasn’t a good enough excuse to not wear it at all!

I’m going to have to work on this one it seems. In the meantime, be grateful I didn’t try to wear all my pink and white spotty pieces in one outfit! ;)

Now THAT is possibly too many spots…

(Skirt: Emerson (Big W) $25)


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