More Pink

I have never been a girly-girl, and remember clearly during grade two in primary school deciding I didn’t like pink. Into my mid twenties I didn’t buy anything pink if I could help it.

The first tentative step away from my anti-pink stance was when I was pregnant with Little Miss H – I found these really comfortable maternity hoodies and they only came in pink and purple so I bought one of each. What really weakened my defences though was having baby girls. You get pink stuff for them. A lot of pink stuff. For baby girls, pink is what goes with everything else they’ve already got, which appeals to my practicality.

These days I have made my peace with pink. I still feel the odd resurgence of anti-pink sentiments, but they are faint and fleeting. Today I am wearing a pink cardi that I actively sought out. Not because it was the only colour I found in the shops, but because I went looking specifically for a pink cardi. Perhaps not my perfect shade of pink – the perils of buying online – but I still think it will get plenty of wear!

(Cardi: Next $31)


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