Black And Blue

My first blog haircut – it seems shorter than I normally get it, but perhaps I’m just paying closer attention due to the publishing photos online thing. Anyway. Today’s outfit is similar to something I would have worn often before I started this blog, in that it’s black with a coloured top.

The styling differences are (a) skinny jeans, (b) belted waist. I’m still yet to be completely convinced that a waist belt is for me, but it doesn’t hurt to mix things up a bit.

And after so many experiments with colour, it’s kind of nice sticking to black with a coloured top for a change. Most days I’m at least a little outside my comfort zone, pushing myself constantly to come up with new outfits, so today was a chance to catch my breath before setting off again. Plus I can’t stand theĀ irritation of tiny bits of hair all through my clothes after a haircut (much worse when you have short hair), there’s only so much I want to cope with in one day!


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