Spicy Island

It occurs to me that I’ve chosen a fairly odd title for this post. I guess it’s probably a step up from “I Couldn’t Think Of A Title”, which was my backup plan. In case you’re wondering, it’s the name of the cheap pizza we had for tea tonight. Not bad actually, as far as cheap pizza goes.

This is approximately the outfit I had in mind when I purchased this green skirt, so it was just a matter of time before I gave it a whirl. I quite liked it actually, the top and skirt are both very comfortable to wear and I’m no longer freaked out by the vibrancy of the green skirt.

Both of these items I was a little unsure how well I’d be able to convert into fully functional members of my wardrobe. So far I’ve managed to pair the top with bright blue, bright green and blue denim – so that’s well on its way to becoming a useful little number. My next challenge is to mix up the colours I pair with this green skirt – so far I’ve just used a white shirt and now this obviously matching navy/green top. I’m a little nervous about using red (Christmas), or yellow (green and gold Aussie sports colours), so it will need some thought. Stay tuned, I will not let it defeat me!


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