Missing Purple

I’ve been thinking lately that I need some more purple. Not necessarily in today’s outfit – although yes it is rather lacking in purple – but in my wardrobe generally. I read in a couple of places online that you should organise your wardrobe by colour and not by type (as I’ve always done). In all honesty this seemed a pretty silly idea to me, but when I was cleaning through my wardrobe to move all my winter coats out of the way I thought why not give it a go?

So I did. I have to say it is rather pleasant opening my wardrobe door to a cheerful rainbow (naturally this is the order I’ve arranged the colours in). And surprisingly I am not finding it any more difficult to locate what I need – possibly even the reverse. It also highlighted that I don’t have any purple items (I have two t-shirts in a drawer, but nothing hanging in my wardrobe). This surely needs to be rectified in the near future; purple is probably my favourite colour so how did I not notice its absence? I am pretty picky with my shades of purple, but next time I see the perfect purple in the shops I’m stocking up!


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