Reflect: October

I am happy to announce that yet again the “yes” outfits dramatically outnumbered the “no” ones! Sometimes it’s a bit of an effort to keep up with this blog – I’ve worn something different every single day for over two months now. And not every outfit is great, but when I look back over a month and see quite a few that I love then it does make it feel worthwhile.

Something that struck me when reflecting on October’s outfits is one wear is all that’s required to take something from “a bit confronting” to “normal”. For example, some of the bright colour combinations I’ve tried have seemed a bit crazy to me the first time around (pink/red, red/purple, purple/teal), but afterwards I’ve used them again without a second thought. And when it came to reviewing the outfits they didn’t seem even remotely unusual to me.

(Note: this applies to “a bit” confronting, not “very” confronting like my Breakfast at Tiffany’s dare outfit!)

Favourite Outfits

This is my favourite outfit so far, made up of pieces I love individually that have come together in an awesome way. I’m not sure how to word this, but it kind of made me feel as “cool” as I can feel while still feeling totally “me”. Hopefully that makes some kind of sense!
I like the balance of this outfit, to me it’s harmonious without matching too precisely (mainly due to the introduction of pink on the shoes). Plus I like this photo, particularly the lighting. I know that’s probably not supposed to count when rating outfits, but it’s hard to ignore the happy vibes I get when looking at this picture!
This was one that I liked more than I had expected to. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it’s possibly the slightly-clashing blues of the top and skirt brought together happily with some cheery red. I also think it’s a basic outfit that will be very versatile for me, easily modified with just a different coloured t-shirt.
This scarf was my first second-hand purchase, which I’m quite proud of. I also think I could wear almost any colour combination of top/cardi with these black jeans and flats, and the scarf would hold it together nicely.
This picture doesn’t really do the outfit justice – I was really running out of time that day (nothing new there) and the pose and scarf are both a bit awkward. But this simply has to make the top five for this October as it is without doubt the outfit that I have had the most compliments on since starting this blog. Actually, the most compliments in years. Partly I think the colour suits me quite well, but mostly I felt happy wearing it – and that’s always going to show through.

Least Favourite Outfits

This one just didn’t come together, for reasons I’ve documented at length in the original post. I did however take the opportunity to fix it here.
I really like the colour combination, but for me the proportions are all wrong. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with this cropped jacket – perhaps it just needs to be balanced out with a dress rather than a separate top and bottom. I’ll give it another chance.
It became obvious to me that this skirt was due for retirement – I just couldn’t feel at home in it. Sometimes you just have to accept it’s time to say goodbye.
It’s just a bit “blah”. (Apart from the owl necklace. And the cute shoes.) The colours aren’t interesting together, the styles aren’t complementing each other. It’s not an outfit worth “fixing” as such; it’s just nothing to get excited about. Never mind.

Honourable Mentions

And that was October 2012, thanks for looking :)


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