Out Of Order

Unless I have a sudden burst of inspiration, my standard approach to creating an outfit goes something like this: which pants/skirt are clean that I have preferably not worn yesterday, which top would I like to pair with these bottoms, which shoes look best with these items, do I need accessories to tie it all together.

Today I threw it all out the window: I might wear my pink shoes, I wonder if I can wear them with my bright blue jeans, now what on earth can I put on top to create a reasonably coherent look without being excessively “matchy”? Um. Yeah, kind of fell in a bit of a heap at about that point.

I don’t dislike this outfit, but I will confess it was rather the challenge for me this morning. I added a black belt, earrings and bracelet to try to break up the pink-and-blue a bit. I might revisit this shoes/jeans combo again at some stage; I’m kind of interested as to what the future me might do with it. Not yet though, tomorrow I’ll be going back to my bottoms-tops-shoes formula!


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