Purple Tights

I bought some coloured tights a few weeks ago and thought I wouldn’t get a chance to wear them until next year, but today was quite cool even though it’s less than two weeks until summer. I thought I’d try these purple ones today, but once they were on I freaked out a little. So I covered up most of my legs with boots, to gently ease myself into the world of colourful tights.

I like the idea of coloured tights in theory, but I don’t think I pulled it off well today. Perhaps if you choose to wear bright purple tights you have to really commit and not hide most of them under boots? Having said that, I’d prefer to my tights to be in harmony with the rest of my outfit and not taking over completely. I’ll have to work on it – but that will definitely need to wait for autumn.

What I did conclude from today is that for me brightly coloured tights are more likely to belong in a casual outfit. I think they are slightly silly (in a good fun way), which is probably why I felt a little weird wearing them to church today. I’ve seen some very stylish examples of coloured tights worn with retro dresses, but as much as I love the look it’s not really ‘me’. So when these tights reappear next year, it will most likely be with flat shoes and a simple skirt/top/cardi combination for a fun everyday look. And I intend to fully commit to the tights next time!


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