Green And Purple

Green and purple, such a lush combination! I’ve previously put together a similar outfit here, using white instead of black. I think I prefer the white accents to black in this case, it provides lovely freshness and brightness. But it’s easier for me to find black in my wardrobe than white.

Unfortunately I think I’m going to have to take in this skirt a little. Unfortunately, because I know how extremely bad I am at getting around to these jobs. On the plus side it’s really comfortable to wear, but on the negative it kind of sits under my stomach which only draws attention to it. I really had to aggressively sift through the photos today to find ones I didn’t hate too much, never a good sign. I think it would be fine if it sat a little closer to my natural waistline though, so I guess I’m going to have to try and figure out how to take it in.

For further proof that I do really like this colour combination, I coincidentally went swimming at the beach today (first time in 4+ years), wearing purple bathers and green board shorts. No I didn’t take a picture though – it’s taken me over four years to find bathers I’m willing to be seen in public wearing, and it may take at least that again before I’m willing to appear on the internet in swimwear!


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